5 Awesome Things To Do With Your Energy Can Drink after You Drink It

Sleepy and bored ? Not a problem! Just open a energy drink of your choice, drink it and then try to create a awesome thing out of it.

Not sure that just by drinking you will get all of the sudden a little artistic and will be able to make these cool things below, but hey, maybe if you’ll get the energy for it, it will work 🙂 So without further ado here are 5 awesome things you can do from these little energy aluminum cans, and one thing to avoid once it’s made from aluminum.

Make a plan


Make a Disco ball


Make a Snail…

Soccer Ball


Who Wants To Play Some Fussball


And finally there are some things you shouldn’t so with empty energy drinks cans here is one of them…

Aluminium toilet paper…

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