A Bicycle Speedometer that Rings

One of the things that most cyclists want to do while riding is to know the speed at which he or she is going. Especially while going down hill at ‘break hair’ speeds. There are many speedometers for bicycles in the market, however, the information overload, and the digital calculator look is bound to turn off many purist. Sven Sellik has come up with just the solution.

This is not a speedometer for performance Cycling. This is strictly for the rider who enjoys leisure cycling who doesn’t require split timings or other such intricate details. Clearly inspired by vintage car speedometers, the main display has a simple black dial with speed numbers in big white fonts. The speedometer can show speeds up to 80 km/h. If your requirement is for speeds higher than that then you clearly are on the wrong planet.

The lower central part of the dial is where you’ll find a clock which can be set using a smaller dial present on the extension arm of the speed dial.The arm also contains a display which lets you know the distance covered. The distance covered display has two modes: trip distance mode and overall distance mode. Both have different uses, with trip distance mode, you could know a certain day’s distance covered, while using overall distance mode, you could know a longer duration, say a week’s worth of distances covered. The modes can be changed using a little switch right next to the display.

The speedometer fits the handle bar with the help of a sturdy-looking steel clamp covered with leather. The spoke magnet sensor that comes along has a similar looking silicone strap and gives you the ability to set the wheel size using a circular dial similar to the one that can be used for setting the clock. No frills and no extra information overload. It tells you the speed, the distance, and let’s you use a minimal clock display to time things here and there while putting aesthetic emphasis on the look and feel of the device. Is that it?

Well there is one more surprise, one that I personally love. The sidearm extension of the main speedometer body also acts as a bell. Yes sir, it has speaker holes towards the front side of the main dial. Using the bell is very similar to using old fashioned bells you’d see on cycles in period films. Use your index or both index and middle fingers to pull the side extension downwards, and the bell makes sounds through the little speaker holes. Cool or what?

In conclusion, this is a must buy for the casual cool fashion conscious cyclist.

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