A Modern Fireplace

Modern day room heaters and HVAC systems do a really good job of providing warmth to a room on cold, chilly nights. Most of the heaters work on oil, electricity, or gas and operate without fuss. Though contemporary heaters are high on function, they lack character and aesthetic appeal of an old school fireplace. There is something enigmatic about a fireplace with its open flame and crackling wood sounds.

Energetec, a German company that manufactures room heaters, has designed an old school fireplace with modern motifs that would add spunk, character, and warmth to your living space. The Bullerjan stove by Energetec is high on aesthetic appeal and scores with its functionality too. Bullerjan is modeled closely on the classical stove and borrows elements from it, yet it manages to retain a particular individuality.

The Bullerjan stove appears in five chic styles: Bullerjan, Classic, Design, Stone, and Industry. Each stove is crafted to suit the many moods of its users. If one stove is minimalist in its appeal, then the other is more flamboyant with a chrome-plated body. Bullerjan and Classic are similar in their design framework with black, cylindrical bodies in a matte finish. Design and Stone are more flamboyant in their appeal, with Design having a chrome-plated finish and Stone being covered with terracotta bricks to retain warmth long after the fire is extinguished.

These four stoves are built for your personal space such as a living room or bedroom, while the fifth one –the Bullerjan Industry- is a powerhouse performer meant for office space. Bullerjan Industry has the ability to rapidly spread warmth over large spaces with its powerful incinerator. The ability to quickly warm up a room in a clean, non-polluting manner makes the powerhouse stove a clear winner in its segment.

The five Bullerjan stoves are different but one element remains common to all of them: their innovative method to warm rooms. All the stoves are made up of solid steel pipes, bent, to form a cylindrical incinerator. When the air inside the cylindrical combustion chamber heats up it rises and flows out of the top; simultaneously, the cold air in the room is sucked into the incinerator by the pipes placed at the bottom. The result is a continuous stream of comfortable warm air.

The Bullerjan, with its contemporary style, rekindles an age old romanticism associated with fireplaces that present a picture of warmth and comfort: the two most important things on a chilly winter night.

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