Abyss: The Touch Screen LED Watch That’ll Simply Amaze!

If you are one of the “I’m crazy about watches” person then probably just one glance at this one is enough for you to tell that this is one of the world famous Japanese LED watches range that have made their mark as some of the most coolest, weird, funky and unique watches of the world. But this one right here is not Japanese! as you all know the world leader in recreating more affordable replicas is China! and this piece here is a product of the very same. LED watch1

If you always thought that you might never be able to get yourself one of those cool Japanese LED watches since they are too costly then this watch might just turn your thoughts around, selling for just $47.84 this piece is priced at almost one fifth of any other regular Japanese watch.LED watch2

Adding to the coolness is the fact that this is a touch screen watch, but I’m not quite sure on why and how the touch screen functions though; But apart from it it displays time in the regular super-weird glowing-circular-LED manner so if someone asks you the time you’ll have to spend an hour trying to figure out what time it actually is!LED watch3

You can also have a look at the other cool watches like the Binary Watch for geeks or the cool Hard Drive Clock.

4 thoughts on “Abyss: The Touch Screen LED Watch That’ll Simply Amaze!

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  4. natt .

    I like This one do you have it? and i live in Thailand
    you can sent led watch and howmuch?
    Thank a lot

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