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The sport of Golf is a relaxing hobby to pursue. Serene settings with manicured lawns and trees, long walks down the green, and physical movement restricted to rhythmic swinging of the arms make golf an ideal sport for the weekends. Compared to other sports, golf may seem a tad slow, but at the highest levels, it involves skill and vision.

Golf is also a sport that has limited extensive use of technology. The sport has more or less restricted itself to swinging clubs and bouncing white balls. SkyKap, a company that manufactures golf related accessories has developed a product that introduces the sport to the latest tech wizardry.  Advisor is the name of the product and it promises to map out the entire course from the comfort of your golf cap.

Measuring the distance of the ball hit can be a painstaking endeavor. The point and click laser or handheld GPS does not quite cut it. This particular problem led Gail Garratt, an avid golfer, to conceive the hi-tech golfing device.

Advisor looks like an ordinary golf cap on the outside. Hidden beneath the cap exterior is a sophisticated electronic system that functions as a complete golfing information system for the user. The entire system is packed neatly on the visor of the golf cap making it an extremely portable and lightweight golfing gadget.

The new age golf cap does not require a switch or button to operate. It is completely controlled by Speaker Independent Voice Recognition which allows the user to access all information of a course by just commanding their cap. Information about yardage data to green front/center/back, fairway and bunkers can be received. The user also receives data regarding water edges and distances over water.

Advisor has a host of smart tech features tucked away neatly in a compact space. There is a USB data/charge slot, GPS chip, speakers, command switch, and the intelligent circuit. The golf cap can be connected to the Internet and courses can be downloaded to it.

Imagine playing golf with your buddy and being able to receive all the information that may help you win the round by your golf cap. All you need to do is command the specific information you need and the Advisor will relay it back to you via speakers. It is indeed a handy golfing accessory to have.

Advisor is a golfing accessory that would help the user improve their game by providing the necessary information.

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