The Air Suit is Here to Help You Fly with the Birds

Since ancient centuries, populace have been dreaming of flying like the birds and wondering how to make humans fly. This question had tickled the mind of many greats like Leonardo Da Vinci, Jules-Vern etc and this was the cause of inventions like ornithopter, balloon, Joplin after that planes etc and as technology got more matured and advanced, which is led to the creation of this new highly efficient “Air Suit” which can fulfill your dream of flying in the sky.

Air suit

Along with its uber cool looks, this comes in various colors but you will have to order it before, as it takes 8 to 10 weeks for its completion but be careful to gift it only to a skydiver because a person jumping with this suit with zero skydiving experience either wants to suicide in a cool way or is a lunatic, so strictly not for all the inexperienced sky divers.

Air Suit

These air suits are custom fitted so you will have to give your measurements at the time of order booking. This specific design of this suit’s allows you to cut through the wind and fly high by reducing the terminal velocity. If you are a sky diver who wants to try some thing different then this is for you and all those who want to experience the thrill of flying, can start learning sky diving and buy this suit for $1250 but be careful as your life is the first priority and everything else comes later, so be get trained first.

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Air suit

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