Airport Security Friendly Laptop Bag

Those that travel with their laptops frequently complain about the Airport security measures that require them to remove the laptop from the bag, to allow it to be scanned properly. While I adhere to these requirements and understand they are for my own safety, I do wish all laptop bags would be made like the Airport Security laptop bag.

airport security laptop bag

This cool Notebook case was designed to adhere to Airport security requirements, and it still eliminated the hassle of having to remove the notebook computer from the case. The laptop bag’s main compartment folds right down, so it could both lie flat on the x-ray machine and provide a consistent scanning for the security personnel doing their job.

Besides the hassle decrease, this Laptop case still includes 20 pockets, file divider, and smaller pockets for cords and additional peripherals. Moreover, there are a few easy to access pockets to keep the traveling information you need handy and also a reusable zippered bag for any safe liquids. Lastly, this case is also lined with 1/4″ of foam padding, so your actual Laptop computer receives the protection is still requires during your frequent travels.

The Airport Friendly laptop Case is currently on sale for only $99.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

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