AndyWarhol – Not Just Another Mobile Phone

“Yet another mobile phone on the shelves”, that would be your first reaction when you see this phone.

But hold on, AndyWarhol is not just any other phone. Once you have gone through its endless list of features you will realize what an amazing piece of product this is.

Today, the phone has replaced quite a number of appliances that we normally use in our day to day life. It is not just a phone any more. AndyWarhol will leave you guessing as to what is it that was not included in this phone. Take a look at its features and you will understand what we mean to say.

AndyWarhol has built in applications like Facebook, Ebuddy, Google Maps, Opera Mini Browser and Java Games. With a WiFi you can easily surf the net from any location. Want to check your email, do your research work, or just while away time, the internet is there at your finger tips.

The mobile phone has become an important media center for all. Waiting in a queue, relaxing, traveling are a few occasions when you would want to listen to music. Load them on to your AndyWarhol and access all your files any time anywhere; not only audio files but also video files. When talking about its media center, it can even play FM radio. At the same time it also facilitates an analog TV receiver. Needless to say SMS and MMS facilities are definitely a part of the phone. You do not have to always listen to or view something. You can also read your favorite books any time you wish to as this phone can also support ebooks.

A camera in a phone is a common feature and so it is with this phone. But this has a difference. With its point and shoot digital style camera you can easily take instant photos. Using the MMS feature you can also share these with all your friends.

When it comes to connectivity you could not find a better piece. Its quad band GSM proves to be very helpful when out on a world tour. The dual SIM facility helps you keep home and work phones separate and yet in one place. It also supports dual standby on calls.

The interactive icon menu on the phone makes navigation a smooth process. Its 3 inch wide touch screen allows easy viewing. Other additional benefits include a free 2GB micro SD card. And last but not the least, you can also make phone calls from your AndyWarhol.

This cool gadget could be yours for only $112.

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