Get a True Gaming Experience: Astro A*Star Earphones

The ‘gaming lifestyle’ has taken its roots. It has proved to become a common craze that exists amongst many today! Also, it is well known to everyone, how important the contribution of sound effects is in the gaming sector. They play a major role in making the game played, all the more realistic which engulfs the audience completely. Well, Astro Gaming that deals in pro gaming equipments has always given its pro gamers, premium equipments for video gaming.In order to give its customers a reliable and genuine gaming brand, the Astro group started designing its products specifically for the professionals along with a view to encourage video gaming as a sport. Lately, they have come up with the A*Star In-Ear Headset to boast about in their store of audio equipments. Be it for gaming, listening to music, watching videos or for voice usage, this device promises to provide the user with a sound quality that is crystal clear.

Imagine seeing a gun fire without the sound. Doesn’t it feel awkward? This is because our brains always relate to the collaboration of two or more senses and rarely of one sense alone. The absence of sound in gaming indeed brings down the reality one experiences. This A*Star headset transmits the sound in a way to create that feel the user is in want of. A pendant in line that acts as the control center of the headset includes a microphone and controls like volume, play/pause, mute and answering calls. The durable cables are flat and tangle-resistant and the microphone has been provided with a windshield that makes possible clear exchanges. The frequency range is large, ranging up to 20,000 Hz, and is meant for handling any kind of media, gaming or mobile device.

The materials in the making used are lightweight and the promised high act of the headset will bring you the best sounds cutting through all surrounding noises. Any device with the slot for the jack, be it laptops, the gaming devices, portable play stations, mobiles etc, can accommodate the A*Star headset but it needs to be lined up with a MixAmp for usage on other consoles. For a price of $79.95, the headset comes with a soft carry case that fits into one’s pocket. The finish comes in three standard colors, black, white and silver.

An acquisition of the Astro’s A*Star In-Ear Headset would become a perfect addition to one’s cache of gaming equipments.

This is awesome! With gadgets such as Tritton Headphones and Hendr Spnata’s Multi Feature Earpiece, whether it is games or music, you will have great entertainment experience.

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