Astroids And Centipede Pro-Keds Catch Your Eye

Matthew Bowman’s efforts to ‘walk’ into the spotlight may yield results, but of a different kind, if we had to promote his ‘Astroids’ and ‘Centipede’ Pro-Keds. For one, the colorful nature of these shoes will certainly draw eyeballs but may not appeal to one and all. However, there are some of us who certainly love a little ‘color in life’. And then there is the Astroids version, which will find a lot of takers in the ‘gaming groupies’ club. Outside, it may not be the most sought after product.

asteroids video game shoes

These Keds take inspiration from video games and, with the selection of colors not being considered, have come out pretty well indeed. The extra effort taken to make them eccentric also would pay rich dividends, especially the usage of black lace for one and white for another in Astroids, and blue for one and white for the other in Centipede. We have a designer here who, we believe, has just the right ingredients to woo ages below 15. The sizes don’t betray this fact either. Keds for Kids, we say (a cheesy line?).

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Via: Walyou

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