Atari Wall decals a real connection with the future

If you have become the follower of joysticks of late, it is time to dig into the past to refresh your memories. Here is good news for diehard fans of classic Atari videogames like Asteroids, Pong, or Centipede. Bilk has introduced the vinyl Atari Wall decals, which would definitely give your walls a new lease of life .


In this way, your favorite games would remain in front of you all the time, and you can show your colleagues your admiration about Atari.  The wall decals are just a child’s play to apply, and are easy to remove from the wall. We can bet you won’t notice any trace of dirt. Every vinyl Atari wall decal version has certain numbers of decals included. Like if you decided to buy the Asteroids version, you will get 65 restickable wall decals.


There’s no doubt you had played the classic Atari video games akin times.  But now is the time to showcase your metal and creativity with these restickable vinyl Atari Wall decals. These decals would surely take you back into the classic olden days of flying saucers, ships, explosions, lasers, falling fleas, and spinning potentiometers, which were used as controllers. Create a season with your mind running high.  Of all the three versions available, the cheapest is the Pong version which you can buy for $34, while you can purchase both Centipede and Asterioids for $44.99.

There are various sizes of restickable decals available in the Asteroids version with the size of 4″ to 20″ in diameter; decals are available in black on clear. Centipede includes 97 restickable decals with   4″ to 20″ in diameter while Pong includes 50 vinyl decals of 30 2″ high center decals, 10 12″ high numbers, and 4 6″ paddles.  There’s no doubt we all grew up watching classic Atari classic games; it is now time to connect with the past in a special way, and decorate our future with Atari Wall decals. Other classic designs need special mention which includes Pimped out Pacman Car and Nintendo game boy wallet.

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