Atmos 556 Clock Will Freeze The Time For You!

In co-relation to the theory of relativity, we all might have had an experience where we might have felt that the time might have frozen, and to be true, this very same thing happened to me when I first cast my eyes on this particular Clock-the Atmos 556 which is here not with just plain good looks, but with stuff that will amaze you and shock you at the same time.

Atmos 556 Clock

Almost like some weird kind of Alchemical energy might be the driving force for this particular Clock, surprisingly it works on a completely different phenomenon- Temperature Change! yes, the sole driving force for this clock is the usual temperature changes throughout the day. Designed by Mark Newson, this Clock is made from clear or blue Baccarat crystal, and apart form telling the time it also shows the current sky map of your area.

Now all this cool stuff about this clock might have impressed you a lot, (or at least I guess so) but then the real time freezer comes here, the starting range for this clock starts at $2,600 and ends at a whooping $70,600, and to add it up there are only 76 of such Atmos 556 available! So on my recommendation list this clock should probably stand a few steps behind this cool wall clock for Twitter geeks, which obviously would not bore a big hole in your pockets.


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