Audi IceKraft is Spectacular!

We sure see many designs and concepts on a day to day basis, but only a few of them truly grab our attention. The Audi IceKraft is one such concept! The project was created for the ‘Ultimate Driving Experience’, and it did fulfill the requirements quite well.

The designers were supposed to create a vehicle that would be thrilling, energy-efficient, and stimulating to the nerves. Thus, the Audi IceKraft was born!

First off, the vehicle is equipped with an onboard computer that is capable of calculating the wind conditions, speed of the craft, and the direction. This way, the driver does not need to focus on all these issues that can merely take the thrill away of riding at a high speed. In other words, with this Audi IceKraft you have the liberty of enjoying the thrill to the fullest without concentrating on other issues!

As we all know, ice boating is one of the toughest sports today. You can’t really go down and start with it without any experience and knowledge. Moreover, speeding in ice boating is one thing which even makes the experienced ones fearful. That’s where this IceKraft would be of help. Audi IceKraft takes into consideration the fundamentals of ice boating. Acknowledgements to Auto Unions classic Formula racers from the 30s and 40s, Hang Gliding and Malaysian Ships for their corporation in the project!

This Audi IceKraft is the perfect thing for hang gliding. The head-first position as shown in the picture below, allows the driver to go at a higher speed easily. In this position, the driver has to lay down with his head leading the craft. The vehicle is controlled by pulling the steerers on both sides. For instance, if the driver pulls the steerer on the left, the vehicle will go leftwards.

The Audi IceKraft is equipped with an electric engine which is capable of moving the vehicle in the wind direction. Charging the IceKraft is simple as well! When the vehicle is not in use, the plug-in on the rear end of the vehicle charges it. When the vehicle is parked on ice, a solar cell mechanism from NLV Solar which covers the entire body of the craft charges it.

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