Aurora Spacelines – One Giant Leap for Businesses

This is what we call a true invention. The Aurora Spacelines project was carried on during the fall of 2009. It was a 10-week project in which students of the Umea Institute of Design of masters programs came together.

The concept here was to use the laser technology created by Dr Leik Myrabo at Light Craft Technologies Inc. to explore space travel.

Imagine you could travel half of the world within 45 minutes. Wouldn’t that be cool? That’s exactly the idea behind this fictional Aurora Spaceliner. The group that worked on it included Metin Kaplan from AdvancedProduct Design Program, Terry Lim from the Interaction Design-program, and Niklas Palm from the Transportation Design Program. Together with all their expertise they created this fictive Spaceliner which would offer space business travel in just 45 minutes.

The product is still a fiction, and according to the designers it would be launched or required in 2029 which would be the light-craft era. According to their belief, in 2029 there will be a new turn in technology and more of such things would be there. At that time, the big shots (executives and VIPs of major corporations) who are filthy rich would need a way of traveling through the world within minutes. That is when this Aurora Spaceliner would be needed. Not just the big shots actually, even others who want to save their time will be able to use the services of this Spaceliner.

The pictures here show the interior, exterior, and the way the Spaceliner will work. It is a fiction for now but it is not like just any other fiction jotted down on paper. It is actually a brainchild of these guys and everything about it has been worked out in detail. As you can see in the pictures, they haven’t left anything uncovered. The interior, exterior, gears, seating, and everything else has been mapped out including the technology it would work with.

The only thing to consider is whether this thing can actually come to life or is it just another concept like all others?

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