The Authentic Boardwalk Photo Booth Can Make You a Geeky Photographer

Whenever we go to a fair, the first thing people search for is a photo Booth where can click as many pictures we want with different poses and in such a way that we ever wish to, but anyway our wish couldn’t be fulfilled as we feel shy with the photographer itself.

The Authentic Boardwalk Photo Booth

But this new Authentic Boardwalk Photo Booth is here to give you or your customers a pleasant photographic experience. Now no need to go to fun fairs for the photography as you can click yours and your close friends, relatives photographs in your own house or you can open your own photo booth in a fair, mall or a near by place, not a bad idea, right? The beauty of these photo booths are automatic and there is no one to laugh at us as the photos are clicked by us only and then we get our photos within a few seconds.

The Authentic Boardwalk Photo Booth Photographs

Clicking four-frame strip of pictures in 16 seconds and that too the pictures developed without any chemical processes but designed exclusively by Polaroid used in a thermal printer with a size of 2″H x 2″W 72-DPI monochrome images. You just have to press a button while posing for each four pictures which are taken in every five second intervals.The first 3200 pictures or 800 sessions of four-frame photo strips included with the booth as you can save a lot of expenses if you are in business with it. Made up of 14-gauge steel, only a tank can destroy this photo booth so you don’t have to worry about any thing only that you will be needing a couple of men to transport it from one place to another as it weights 770 lbs with a dimension of 74″H x 37″W x 60″L and to make it work, you will have to plug it into AC. If you have any plan to start a new business or for your personal use can have it for $11,000.

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The Authentic Boardwalk Photo Booth

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