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As automobile technology has evolved and progressed, so too has technology related to car and passenger safety. Cars are a lot safer nowadays with reinforced bodies and crushable windshields. Passenger and driver safety features include seat belts, padded dashboards, and air bags.

In an age of smart phones and wireless Internet, passenger safety has a got a new age boost to its arm with the AutoBot car and passenger safety feature from Mavizon Technologies. The new age car and passenger safety feature from Mavizon Technologies is an extremely simple, easy to install device that offers a variety of security functions and keeps users frequently updated about the status of their vehicles.

If a vehicle were to get into an accident and it has AutoBot installed in it, the intelligent device would automatically send text messages with the driver’s GPS location to 911 and family members. AutoBot can also be used to track a vehicle that has been stolen or lost. The software of the device allows the user to track the vehicle and notify authorities.

There are times when we park our vehicles and then forget exactly where we parked them. The GPS function of the new age device would help you locate you car from the comfort of your Smartphone. AutoBot also has a social media plug-in that allows the user to keep a track of where their friends are hanging out.

Mavizon Technologies have designed the device to be highly intelligent and to keep a constant track of your car’s maintenance. AutoBot will automatically notify the user when the car needs an oil change; in addition to the condition of the tires and how many miles the vehicle has run. The software of the device will also inform the user about the best deals on anything related to automobiles.

Any car is made of a number of parts and it can be confusing for the owner of the vehicle to know each and every one of them. For instance, the owner may not know what a particular indicator on the dashboard stands for and if the vehicle needs to be serviced. With AutoBot, the user would always know what the problem is and why a particular indicator is blinking.

AutoBot is probably the beginning of next generation technology aimed at keeping the vehicle and the people inside safe and sound. For more information on this new age device, check out

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