21 Awesome Tent Designs

Were you that child who always looked up at the stars in the night and wondered what it would be like to sleep out in the open under that huge canopy of twinklers? And did you grow up to become that gypsy who couldn’t wait to set off to lands known only to his imagination? Well, if yes to both or either, then you have landed at the perfect place.

But if no to both, even then you are still in the right place because if you have landed here then you are a geek, and these 21 geeky tent designs are going to charm the tents off you! (Tents? Oh, I just made up that word in my excitement of having you here.)

So here we go!


Oh I just saw the geek in you break into a big wide smile at the sight of this bikamper! But believe you me, I reacted in pretty much the same way when I chanced upon it. The tent is out of the way while you ride, and you just put out the front wheel when camping to support it. There is a canopy of waterproof canvas, and ventilation with three mesh windows. I am dying to get one. You get yours quick and let’s go off to the mountains soon! What say?

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Paddle-boat tent

Here’s another delight for those multi-interest gypsies who like to mix outdoor pleasures. With this unique eco-friendly, peddle-powered, paddle boat tent – camp and sail whenever you want.

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Surf Tent

Pack a surf and camp into one with this delectably compact and innovative surf tent design. The inner sleeping pod is an inflatable design that makes the tent non-bulky and easy-carry. Give your impulsiveness a free reign with this surf tent!

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Solar-powered Tent


Now we have solar powered tents that have solar threads woven into the fabric of the tent to capture solar energy. So that you don’t have to compromise on your geekiness. Carry all your gadgets into the wild no matter how much mamma shouts at you not to, and enjoy them while you enjoy the nature!

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Camping is about convenience and fun. So what could be a better idea than an inflatable tent? This inflatable tent allows you convenience of carrying it as well as some fun on the go. Yeah, putting up a traditional tent is fun too but isn’t inflating a tent much more fun? Besides I am sold on the yellow and orange! BRIGHT!

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Super for a family trip this one!

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This inflatable Irish Pub Tent is for all those beer lovers! 😉

Rooftop Tent

This one surely takes the cake in innovation! Put your tent on the top of your car. Explore the countryside and the wilderness.

When tired pitch the tent right where your car stops and relax!

That’s what we call ‘walyou’ for money!

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Tree Tents

Time to let that stargazing child inside you out with these awesome tree tents. Designer Dre Wapenaar has come up with this unique tree tent design which minimizes impact on environment. Composed of a steel frame wrapped in canvas, the tents have interiors that are hardwood and spacious enough for two adults. Still holding onto that child inside?

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Rubbing your eyes? Reading it again? Suspicious I am making up words again? No, no, I ain’t that bad. Car-tents is a real concept that some geniuses have come up with if you want to camp right in the middle of a city. Park your tent at any parking spot and there, your very own campsite is ready! However, it beats me WHY someone would want to do that? Why?

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Jacket Tent


This is like a total before and after case history tent. If I were the tent, I’d get an identity crisis although I don’t mean to imply whoever thought of it did not have feelings. But this jacket tent can be the most desirable thing if you are an avid camper, and utility is your buzzword. Wear it when you want to and unzip and sleep in it when you want to. Creativity is booming here, isn’t it?

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Modular tent

The modular tent surely is for those who find camping a serious business. This one is lightweight and also able to withstand extreme conditions. The tent is divided in three different modules that can be carried separately and are put together to make the tent. It is also spacious enough for three people. Deceptively so!

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This modular sofa is more for the urban spaces, which we like to invest with a bit of the wild or whacky. The sofa tent is foldable into a sofa when needs be and makes space with a number of alternatives.

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Hammock Tent

Chill tent I will call it. Really, this one is superb if you are out to camp to relax in the open. So pitch your tent when you want to, and when you wish, convert into a hammock and curl up with the book. Or just a pillow! What bliss!

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And here’s another one of those same beauties.

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Pop-up Camper

They call it stylish but I call it sooper-cool! (I invent spellings too in my excitement) This fully designed and well-furnished camper is called the opera, and gets its design from Sydney’s Opera House. Some inspiration huh? And it’s rightfully called stylish, with an arched canvas to keep the sun and rain off — not only off you, but off the wine/bar and espresso counter inside, too!

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Decathlon Tents

When I first saw this, I scratched my head. Flying tents? Huh, have we toppled over in our geekiness? But then I realized it’s a new concept in tents that you open the tent and just throw it up in the air and it opens up! 2 seconds! And it takes 15 seconds to wrap it up! This one surely must be for the laziest or busiest camper ever! Whatever, it’s quite cool!

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Military Tent

This red tent is for the militia men who need to camp on the streets for duty. Well, the innovative and geeky can also use it for multiple other locations. I can hear that brain ticking furiously!

Dress Tent

I am not quite sure what do you really do with this one, dress or camp cause seems to me, you really can’t do both at the same time. But, it seemed too cool to resist putting it here! And who really cares about utility if the design is as cool as this, right?

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