BAIKU Toy Concept Rules the Road

Norio Fujikawa has been a long time proponent of of a variety of different toy concepts. Based out of San Francisco, Norio has brought us a large number of cool looking toys, and this “BAIKU” concept definitely fits into that mold.

I may be dating myself a bit here, but the concept reminds me quite a bit of the old SEGA Genesis game, Road Rash. The game was a bit more brutal in its action, but this would be a much more playful take on your average motorcycle rider. The detail and creativity put into the piece is impressive. I think this would make for a great remote control vehicle, perhaps with the ability to do some wheelies or other riding tricks.



If you think you notice some inspiration from manga and anime characters, you are absolutely right. Norio’s 3D creations often look like the jumped off the page of a popular manga. The detail, however, is incredible, and all of the toys have sleek, clean lines along the design. Whether BAIKU will make its way into reality is still a toss up, but I have to say I have really enjoyed his work. It would be a toy, to be sure, but likely more of a collector’s item.


If you are looking for other works from Norio Fujikawa, you can check out other pieces featured here on Gadgethim and Gadgether. The “Rocket Girl” concept was featured, for example. If you want something a little more traditional in the way of fun, then you can have a look at this Remote Controlled SUV, which has a water cannon mounted into the grill.

From: Behance

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