The Highly Amplified Barracuda Headphone: Unleashing the Beast Within

Being one of the most feared water creatures, Barracudas are ray-finned fishes known for its large size with a real scary appearance and its killer instinct that you can get a heart attack if a person wears the barracuda’s mask and swims towards you. Keeping its killer instinct in mind, Razor has made this killer Barracuda HP-1 Gaming Headphone which can’t be compared to any other of its kind.

Razor Barracuda Headphone

With features that will blast off your mind and ears, its unique hearing quality will be the best thing you need to hear. This headphone has eight discrete drivers with six for mid-high frequency and two for sub-woofer. You can control volume specifications like front, rear, center, bass and master that too individually with a total power rating of 330 MW RMS.

Razor Barracuda Headphone

With six channels analog inputs and detachable uni directional noise canceling microphone, this one will give you more specified sound you want to concentrate on and you can hear any sound ranging in between the frequency of 50-20000 Hz and for microphone it is ranging between 50-16000 HZ.

Razor Barracuda Headphone

Coming with 2m cable, it makes you movement much easier then a normal headphone. This one is here to give you the best sounding experience you want to have with its built in amplifier and allowing you to hear things more clearly. It has a price tag of  $129.99 before the stock gets over, as you know in general the razor’s products are so attractive that stocks used to finish very early so take care and have a best gaming experience.

Razor Barracuda Headphone

You can have such gaming products in Xbox 360 and Wii Gaming towers or you may like to see these Gaming Shoes as a geeky gamer.

Razor Barracuda Headphone

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