Batmobile Cake – A Cake That Can Make You Go All Wow!

Honestly, the cake art is catching up hype day by day. First we saw the Batman Logo Cake, then we saw the Green Lantern Cake, and now comes the Batmobile cake. I would personally rate this cake as the best one I have seen till now.

Why? Simply because this is one cake that is perfect for kids in its imperfect way. The Batman Logo Cake was an example of perfection while this one is an example of how cakes should be for kids. Simple, fun, and delicious to look at; leave aside tasting delicious because for sure this cake is.

Now there are three parts of the cake that we can discuss: Batman himself, his automobile, and the base. The best thing I think here is Batman. It’s not the new X-men type Batman – in fact, it’s the old classic Batman look with his grey costume, yellow belt, and his blue boots, gloves, and underwear. And yes, once more it reminds me of the old popular question about superheroes – ‘Why do they wear their underwears over their pants?’

The automobile looks untidy actually, but I guess it has been kept that way to make it look childish. Still, I think the automobile could have been a bit better. I don’t think Batman ever had those red stripes on his automobile, did he? Anyways, what needs to appreciated here is the finishing. Even though the automobile looks childish, the finishing is superb. The texture of the automobile and Batman is amazing. It’s smooth and so delicately made that you can’t really say it’s a cake! They both look like plastic or rubber toys, don’t they?

Now let’s jump to the last part of the cake, the base, which I particularly like. It looks like Robyn has used nuts and chocolate to make the base. If it is so, I can assure the cake would be extremely delicious. Well at least for me, because I love having nuts with chocolates. On second thought, I can say they might be chocolate chips but that doesn’t really matter until you are getting a change.

For today, hats off to Robyn!

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