15 Geeky Bed Designs

While most of us sleep on a regular bed, in our normal rooms within our regular homes, some have the choice to rest their head on an out-of-the-ordinary Bed that seems to be made perfectly for geeks. In this cool collection we gathered 15 Geeky Bed designs many would dream to rest their head on after a long day of work…or a video game marathon.

Hamburger Bed

The Hamburger Bed is one of the best looking beds which besides looking extremely comfortable, allows us to rest within one of the most popular food items worldwide.

Dinosaur Bed

dinosaur bed design for geeks

This is an amazing looking bed which would either excite a child or give him/her ongoing nightmares. The Dinosaur Bed provides a ‘safe’ place to sleep, right inside the deadly jaws of a Dinosaur.

Star Wars Beds

Star Wars geeks would go crazy for any of the following designs, which were created by die-hard fans.

Millennium Falcon Bed

millennium Falcon Bed design for geeks

The Millennium Falcon Bed grants an amazing ship to sleep in, that is created with great detail of Han Solo’s ship.

Imperial Walker Bed

imperial walker bunk bed design for geeks

Although it is the empire’s property, the Imperial Walker Bunk Bed leaves plenty of room to dream of all the places within the Star Wars Galaxy.

imperial walker bunk bed design for geeks 2


at at bed design for geeks

This particular AT-AT Bed was built by a geeky Dad for his geeky son.

at at bed design for geeks 2

Star Wars Ship Bed

star wars bed design for geeks

Any child dreams of becoming an astronaut and traveling through the galaxy. While in the end it may not necessarily become a reality, such a Star Wars ship bed as this could bring any kid closer to that dream.

star wars bed design for geeks 2

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Landspeeder Bed

star wars landspeeder bed design for geeks

Not even Luke Skywalker could dream his Landspeeder could actually become such a great bed theme.

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Super Nintendo Bed

snes bed design for geeks

This SNES Bed was not designed to become like a real Super Nintendo, but the end result would make Nintendo fans excited to get some sleep.

Pirate Bed

pirate bed design for geeks

Based on the Pirates stories we are familiar with, it seems pirates never go to sleep, but with a bed that is shaped like a Pirate Ship, anyone would love such a theme in their bedroom.

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Transport Perceptual Pod

transport perceptual-pod bed design for geeks

The Transport Perceptual Pod really looks as if it is taken out of a Sci-Fi movie.

Hi-Tech Bed

hi tech bed design for geeks

A great Hi-Tech bed the combines a futuristic design with Hi Tech features, such as a projector to present movies on the wall, smooth lighting throughout and a design that is out of this world.

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Hi-Can Bed

hi can bed design for geeks

Designed by Edoardo Carlino the Hi-Canopy Bed provides a Hi Tech combination within your bed, such as speakers, a projector and also a screen that comes down right in the front.

Pacman Bed

pacman bed design for geeks

Not really made to be like Pacman, this great Bed from Cosmovoide combines Hi Tech features and Geometrical design. It includes self-suspension and design to provide optimal sleep in addition to a weird looking concept.

Adjustable Sleep System

karim rashid adjustable bed design for geeks

The Adjustable Sleep System by Karim Rashid grants great practicality within a stylish design. There are storage drawers at the foot of the bed and headboard, pull out side tables, and even a docking station of an iPod.

karim rashid adjustable bed design for geeks 2

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Bonus: Laptop Station for your Bed

laptop station bed diy image

If you do not have the ability or interest to change your current bed, you could always enhance its functionality with an awesome Laptop Station right above your head. This way, you will never have to leave your bed for work, Internet or music.

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