Chill Your Drink Down to the Perfect Temperature Using the Beer Glass Froster

The words “beer” and “warm glass” don’t belong in the same sentence, and to prevent that, Hammacher Schlemmer launched the Beer Glass Froster, the perfect bar accessory during the summer.

Nothing’s worse than a warm beer in the summer! Even if alcohol dehydrates, what better way to quench your incredible thirst in a torrid day than a glass of cold beer? Supposing that the beer itself is not cold as ice, chilling the beer glass could still help a lot. With that in mind, Hammacher Schlemmer presents us the Beer Glass Froster, a device that cools down your glasses in a matter of seconds.

It only takes the Beer Glass Froster 10 seconds to make a mug ice-cold. To do so, the device connects to a liquid CO2 cylinder or tank that’s not included in the price, unfortunately. Using the included clamp, the froster needs to be attached to a leveled surface such as a counter top, or if you’re lucky enough to own one, a bar. The chiller also features a blue LED display light that’s turned on while spraying CO2 in and around the glass. You’ll need to have 3 AAA batteries handy, if you want to power that LED light and impress your guests. That’s definitely a cool effect (pun intended)!

Obviously, you can frost more than just beer glasses using this chiller. Cocktail or even champagne glasses mustn’t be at room temperature when serving such drinks, so the froster could definitely be used for those, as well. Your guests will surely be impressed by how cold and refreshing your drinks are.

The Beer Glass Froster is currently available on the Hammacher Schlemmer website for $399.95. There is no doubt that there are cheaper ways of chilling drink glasses out there, but none of them is as stylish as this one. Besides that, the Beer Glass Froster is backed by a lifetime guarantee, so if anything happens to it, you just have to send it back and get a new one in return or simply have it repaired at no additional cost. The stainless steel housing should be pretty durable though, so unless anything happens to the button you press to turn on the chiller, there shouldn’t be any damage for a very long time.

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