Bigtrak Jr: Rebirth of the Eighties Icon

In the eighties, if it was not big, it was not in fashion. The decade that witnessed the birth of MTV also witnessed big hairdos, clothes that had big shoulder pads, big boom boxes, big sneakers, and so on and so forth. Since everything had to be big, toys of the decade were XXL in size too. One of the hot favorites of the eighties was a large tank toy known as Bigtrak.

Bigtrak, with its size and features, was a hit with the kids. Legend has it that one kid on every street across America owned a Bigtrak. As the eighties rolled on, ‘big’ went out if fashion and with it went the hairdos, shoulder pads, boom boxes, and Bigtrak.

If you grew up with Bigtrak rolling all over the household and would love to do it again, your dream is about to come true. The monster tank is back in a new age avatar and goes by the name Bigtrak Jr. The millennium version may not be as big as the original, but it has certainly not lost its iconic shape. Plus, the new toy comes loaded with radical updates.

Bigtrak Jr. carries on from where Bigtrak left off. Jr. has a white body that has a cool looking yellow black blue graphic running across its edges. Six monster wheels, colored grey, form the base of the tank and are linked to each other by a white shaft.

The cool quotient of Bigtrak Jr. lies in the top portion of the trunk which contains touch sensitive keypads and a circular photon cannon. The keypads are laid out on a platform that looks like a circuit diagram. Numbers from 1 to 10 and direction keys such as left, right, up, and down make up the keypads.

The keypads of the toy tank allow the user to program the vehicle. You can punch in how far you want the tank to roll, when you want it to turn left or right, and even program when the photon canon should fire. After the tank is programmed, just sit back and watch the result of their work as the tank rolls according to the directions programmed.

Additional features of Bigtrak Jr. include a memory save function that allows the user to write programs for the toy vehicle and save it for future use.

Bigtrack Jr. retains much of the eighties charm and style with new age features that should impress the iPad crowd too. This toy is priced at £29.99.

This is indeed a highly remarkable toy design. If you wish to learn more about such stuff, check out Bumblebee Transformer Remote Controlled Car and Halo RC Vehicles.

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