Blaupunkt’s Stylish Navigation device

When we go out and lose our way, we get so frustrated that we wish we had a map or someone who could show us the way to our destination? Well, here is a product that will show you step by step and guide you by giving instructions to your destination, making your travel safe and enjoyable. Nils Siegel shares with us this, Portable navigation device on his blog.


This portable navigation device designed by Blaupunkt, one of the leading brands in the electronics industry, has introduced another great gadget that is very stylish and innovative. The outer frame of the navigation device is made of a wooden frame, which will match with the interiors of your car and make the appearance of your car much more royal.


How does this work?

There is a rubber patch on the back of the navigation device so that you can stick it on the glass, for easy viewing of the map and the instructions on the screen. Although, there will be audio available in the form of instructions to guide you to your destination, it is always good to also have a view of where the navigation device is taking you to. As the old saying goes, “Better safe than sorry” and this will also ensure that your attention is fully focused on driving and nothing else.


On the bottom of the navigation device, there are few outlets to connect to the car so that the navigation device that is operated through satellite can guide you by giving instructions to drive. There is a USB socket, a memory card socket, a Wi-Fi socket, audio socket, and several other sockets to connect to your car, so your car is connected to the satellite and therefore can give you directions.

This is a very handy and helpful gadget, which will make your life much easier. So if you are someone who travels a lot and goes long distances by car, then this is the right device for you to purchase and possess. After all, it’s your choice to stop at gas stations to ask people for directions and reach late to your final point, or reach without any hassles and safely in time at your destinations.

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