BMW Concept C

Let’s accept it – we don’t like the way scooters look. Seriously, think about it – how many bikers do you see today speeding on scooters?

There was a time when scooters were popular but now, they are only used by girls or the old ones. ‘Bikers’ don’t really prefer using scooters because they look out fashioned and sissy. And, you can ask any biker about that and they will say the same thing. For this very purpose and realizing the fact that scooters need to be a bit more stylish and hardcore, BMW has presented their new scooter concept known as BMW Concept C.

As you can see in the pictures, this is not any ordinary scooter. It’s a highly stylized scooter! What I like most about it is that from the front it doesn’t even look like a scooter. It looks more like a super bike. Check out the picture below which was taken from the front. The scooter really has that macho look in it and I am sure bikers would now be forced to change their perceptions about scooters. Who knows when this bike is released, all of them would be riding Concept C!

What is super cool about this scooter is that there are no side mirrors. Oops? Is that a manufacturing fault or what? How will I see who’s trying to take me over? If that is what you are thinking then let me break the ice – there are cameras installed at the rear end of the bike with LEDs in front for you to watch what’s going on behind you while you are riding. Now that’s something cool isn’t it?

Although I don’t really know much about the bike right now, seeing the pictures really gets me all excited. The tires look truly awesome. And this doesn’t look like a scooter. It is just one superb bike every biker would want to ride. If you are a biker, you would for sure love to have this one in your collection. After all, such pieces are rare to see and you know that don’t you?

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