Bowl for Lazy iPhone Owners

If you can’t stay away from you iPhone while eating and just have to watch/read stuff online, here’s a great solution for you. Now you  can eat, plus keep track with your iPhone, using this special bowl designed especially for this need.

When it comes to iPhone gadget and accessories you have a wide selection to choose from, but it’s getting header by the day to find an innovative or just unique products  but once in a while you do come across something different.  Meet the iPhone bowl.

Bowl for Lazy iPhone gadget

Beside holding your iPhone while you eat, this bowl actually looks pretty awesome, it has a slick and chic design. This iPhone dock is available for a pre-order by emailing the design team. Currently they only accept a  limite number of pre-orders. The dock should be out around April to May 2013. Don’t think that only eating noodles apply here once it comes to this bowl, imagine yourself eating your morning serial in this bowl while catching up with the world, not bad. Just make sure you don’t splash some food across your device 🙂 Not sure it’s kids friendly.

Bowl for Lazy iPhone gadget 1

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