Brobdingnagian Chair: The King of the Great Outdoors

Are you a camper? Someone who thoroughly loves the outdoors? Do you often plan barbecues, go camping, roast the fabled marshmallows with friends and sit around the bonfire singing happy, camper songs topping it off with a gory, horror stories in the glare of a flashlight? Did I just describe all that you love doing when you take a day off from your daily office-going, chore-doing routine? Then you would agree with me when I say that there aren’t many comfortable folding chairs in the market that you can use and make yourself feel comfortable in the great outdoors. Even the happiest happy camper is yearning for the comfortable couches that civilization provides. But not anymore!

Check out the new Brobdingnagian Chair. Standing at five feet five inches tall, this one is fit for royalty. Aptly named so, the Brobdingnagian could very well might be the throne to a Brobdingnagian himself. Brobdingnagians are the giants of one of the mysterious lands that Gulliver journeyed through during his famous, legendary travels. Hefty, proud, and overpowering, they were definitely hounds for comfort to match up to their size. And if you are looking for coziness, then your search surely stops at this royalty-pleasing design.

Made up of metal and strong canvas, this comfy chair can seat, nay house, four hundred pounds at any given time. Some of us who are vertically challenged might very well require a stool to climb on to this throne. The  Brobdingnagian Chair is convenient enough to seat two people and can effortlessly provide stadium seating for any mega-event that you decide to host. Writhe, cuddle, or wigwag all you like, and this throne can handle it all majestically. The reinforced powder-coated steel frame and 400-denier rip-stop canvas used to build it adds to its strength and stature.

Apart from just being of large form, the design is also well-considered and thought out. Since it is relatively high, it allows you to leisurely dangle your feet without worrying about stepping on sludge and mud. Apart from that, the chair flaunts six spacious cup holders where you can also drop in your keys and watch or anything else you might be carrying around.

Despite being so large, the Brobdingnagian Chair remains true to its genre of being a foldable chair. This line of furniture was essentially created to provide relaxed, light, and compact comfort on the go. And the Brobdingnagian Chairs, priced at $149.95, folds to the size of a mere eight and half inches and can be stuffed into your duffel before you are set to go.

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