Age Calculator Cake Sweetens Birthdays

There have always been calculators that are scientific, manual, and the good old calculator which comes with the simple functions of adding, multiplying, subtracting and dividing. However, it was only in terms of speech that we used the phrase “Age Calculator”. When Danimir turned 32 sometime back, the lucky guy got an Age Calculator not to calculate his own but to actually eat it.

age calculator cake the sweetest

This cool Age Calculator Cake looks so mouth watering that Danimir and his friends must have thanked the stars for being able to eat and drool over such an artistic cake. The cake comes with his name printed and also his age. Of course, it is a simple calculator and does not come with many buttons to indicate that it is a scientific calculator, though the baker may claim otherwise.

age calculator cake for danimir

Nevertheless, the bottom line is that it has to be the “sweetest” calculator I have ever come across in life. If only we were all as lucky as this birthday boy, we would be getting delicious gadgets like this one to drool over too! If you are as geeky as we assume you to be, you would also love this cool Tetris Wedding Cake which we had covered sometime back. Or just lick your fingers after checking out the Nintendo Gameboy Cake.

age calculator cake

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