Sneaky Camera Gadgets

A camera is definitely a great electronic gadget that everyone should have.  Sometimes, though, these items can be much more than mere cameras! These cool camera gadgets are unique and could have more than a few practical applications.  Maybe you should get one of each.  What you use them for is entirely up to you, but please respect the privacy of others!  Otherwise, enjoy yourself, these gadgets, and what are sure to be some interesting images.  Who doesn’t love preserving memories?

Spycam Video Pen Camera

You can commemorate history for $69.99.  This pen is actually a video camera with a built-in USB connector.  It really doesn’t look like that, huh?  You should keep that in mind and closely examine the pen of everyone around you – unless, of course, you want to be caught on film!  If you want to do the recording, however, or simply take some still photos, stick this gadget in your pocket and wait for some action.  This pen records up to two hours on one battery, storing up to 4GB!  It is still a fully functioning, pretty generic-looking pen, so no one should be the wiser.

Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera

There are all kinds of interesting things happening at night.  Now you can find out what they are, even if you can’t see them.  No light is required to capture images – you just need $149.99.  The infrared exposure will even render some materials sheer, and if you buy an infrared filter this effect will only improve.  Since this camera can even shoot video in the pitch dark you never really know who’s watching now, do you?  Unless, of course, you get this camera!  Enjoy 5.0 megapixels and an invisible infrared flash that lets you be your sneakiest.

Rovio Wi-Fi Roaming Bot

Say hello to a fun camera that kind of resembles a pet … that you can control remotely!  Roll Rovio around and as long as you have an Internet connection you can see what he sees.  This means that you can sit on your couch and investigate other rooms of your house without having to actually move.  What exactly are your children up to right now?  Wouldn’t you like to be able to see without having to walk away from the game?  Would that ability be worth $199.99?  Rovio may be your new best friend if this sounds like something that might bring you joy.  Maybe you just want to roll around after your biological pet and play with them!  Don’t worry about getting fur on you and record the whole thing!

Metallic Lighter Secret Agent Spycam

This very cool functioning lighter is actually a camera!  This is the first spycam lighter that is HD capable.  Resolutions can reach 1280×960 and you can store up to 4 GB.  This lighter is also a flash drive and will connect to your computer via USB ports.  This $69.99 camera will capture video and audio.  It “supports Windows (XP, Vista, and up), Mac (10.4+), and Linux.”  This gadget even allows you to adjust the flame size!  This is one sleek discreet video recorder.  People play with their lighters all the time, so no one will suspect that you are recording them!  This will be a very fun toy that you should keep ready in your pocket.

DocuPen Color Scanner

A scanner is really just an expensive camera that only works in a very specific way.  Typically they are bulky objects, but not anymore.  This handy $199.99 scanner looks like a pen.  Perhaps you want to secretly capture some documents.  Maybe you are just a minimalist.  This gadget will be fun to own, regardless of your reasoning.  Having this gadget in your pocket means that you never even have to pick up a flier again.  Think how green things would be if everyone had one of these!  You can scan business cards, menus, advertisements, playbills, tickets, and sports memorabelia, or use it for a wide variety of business purposes.

All of these camera gadgets are very cool.  They each have their own potential and promise lots of fun.  Be sure you can always remember the good times with one or more of these items.  Everyone will have their own favorite, but that’s because everyone has their own plans for these products.  Use yours wisely and enjoy!

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