Capture your Target Easily with Electronic Spy Camera Shirt

For spending just $39.99, you could become one of the proud owners of Electronic Spy Camera Shirt . If you are creative and has inner instinct in investigative journalism, this product would definitely suit you. spy camera shirtThis could give you a sort of boost to your inner instinct to catch hold of your target instantly. No doubt you would look odd by carrying old fashioned big and heavy DSLR cameras snapping pictures here and there, thus resulting in a massive loss and you could end up as distraught. But with the coming up of the new technology, capturing people discreetly has become a child’s play. In an effort to target your aim, you will have to wear a teal green shirt which is special because it comes embedded with spy graphics called the Electronic Spy Camera Shirt.

spy camera shirt 2You would immediately be attracted towards this shirt in no time, as it resembles the 007 movie poster on its front. But instead of a gun, the stylish guy in the poster is seen carrying a camera. Observing the shirt closely, you won’t recognize that the shirt actually has a real lens in it. Here is how the camera works, to successfully function, the camera has controls in the form of wires which on the one hand are attached with the camera and the other end remains in a user’s hand. As soon as a user hit the shutter button, the camera would immediately take the snap.

spy cameraYou can get the feedback that picture has been snapped with the help of vibrating remote. The storage in the camera has a capacity to hold 150 color images in 640 x 480 resolutions and you can download the picture with the help of a USB port. The power of the camera comes with the help of three AAA batteries. On having a first look at the camera nobody, could believe that the other person has hidden camera with him. You can easily capture an image of your target from the camera, which is hidden behind the soft cotton exteriors and placed on your chest, all you have to do is just press the button and the evidence in the form of an image would be recorded in your camera.
A word of caution, the camera is for fun purposes only but respects the privacy of individuals. The product has the capability to work with any OS like Mac, Linux, and Windows. Other applications you may like to admire include digital note taker and slot car named Trio.

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