The Christmas Snowbot: Snowman Robot To Save the World from Evil

The sizzling winter comes with enormous joy and plays snow wars with friends and make snowmen with big red nose and put black/white striped hat. It’s one of the best thing to do in the whole year, but what if you see the Snowman suddenly comes to life and walking towards you and talking to you in his language which you won’t understand?

christmas snowman robot

There are lots of cool robot toys and desktop toys available but it’s sure you will never miss to see the combined of snowman and robot together and create the Robocop. This Snowbot is USB powered with extended cable and rotating articulate metal arms with scanning LED Robotic eyes which can change colors. The speed of the scanner can be controlled with a knob and its sounds like Snowbot with on/off switch. Looking to this Snowbot reminder you the famous Robocop’s scanning with his eyes between good and bad people of the earth. But don’t worry, this one won’t crush you with his metal gripper but will give you a chance instead to become better. So you have a chance to create the robot armies of the future which actually instigate from a colossal connection of USB desktop devices plugged into your computers.

The Christmas Snowbot runs for only $11.99 and also features the following:

  • USB Powered (for great justice!)
  • Scanning LED Robotic Eye
  • Rate of sweeping is controllable via knob
  • Selectable LED Robotic Eye Colors (Blue or Red)
  • Authentic Snowbot Sound (on/off switch)
  • Rotating, articulating metal arms
  • Coiled (12″) USB cable extends to 30″

christmas snowman robot gadget

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