Classic Wooden Watches From WeWood

I’ve seen a great number of gadgets and devices made from wood, right from PC mods to Gaming Consoles, but this new wooden gadget is something far more special. It’s for the people who like to have a classic twist to their modern gadgetry, presenting a whole range of Classic Wooden Watches from WeWood. wewood-watches1The most interesting thing about these watches is the fact that every exterior component of the watch is made from high quality wood, the strap, the face, the hands and even the case it’s enclosed in is made out of wood. But as you all know, anything that has so much of a classic taste carries an equally heavy price tag with it. Thus, selling for $119 each, these watches offer a prefect testimony to this fact.wewood-watches

There is a wide range of colors and different styles you can choose from, and there is even a guarantee that none of the woods are stained but polished with a natural finish.

If wood is not your type of thing then you should really have a look at the Tokyoflash ON-AIR or the Tokyoflash Groove for the trendy and chic.

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