Coffee Mug Made from Duct Tape

A Duct Tape mug would be the best way to ‘fix’ up a hot and steaming cup of coffee every morning. A strong cup of coffee served in an equally sturdy mug.

But facts reveal that these tapes might make you ill. Besides, our sources tell us that the taste of duct tape is utterly disgusting. So why spoil a wonderful cup of coffee with the adhesive tape?

The fact is that duct tape is such an impressive and versatile product that the thought of creating a coffee mug out of it could not be resisted. This wonder tape can seal just about anything from cars to common household items. Its water resistant property adds on to its utility. Its uses go beyond necessary sealing to creating pieces of art. The same thought was applied to create a coffee mug.

No we are not showing a DIY Duct Tape coffee mug process. That might have ill effects on your health. The industrial adhesive used in these tapes when combined with hot liquids might send you to a poison control center.

Seeing the popularity of this wonder tape and the repulsive taste it carries with it, a middle path was followed. Giving the looks of a tape wrapped mug a ceramic mug was designed. This means that you do not have to taste the tape and can still enjoy the pleasure of having coffee in your very dear Duct Tape mug.

Duct tapes are normally found in silver and black color. To retain the basic look the Duct Tape mug was designed in silver color. The interior of the mug was given a white color to highlight the silver of the exterior. The mug has a capacity of 16 ounces. It can safely be used in a microwave oven as well as a dishwasher.

A coffee mug is a person’s favorite companion every morning. Pouring out a cup of coffee in a favorite coffee mug gives immense pleasure and helps kick off the day in great spirit. Duct tape is used to seal things but this duct tape mug will pull you off your bed. If you want to derive the pleasure having coffee in one of these mugs go ahead and book one of these for yourself. You can also gift it to your friends and seal your friendship with Duct Tape coffee mugs.  It is priced at $12.99.

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