Here Is The Ultimate Compact DJ Mixer For All The Party Buffs

DJ’s are the ones who are responsible for making a party hit. Whether the party includes celebrities or good music, the real fun is not there until a good DJ starts the magic. I know for an average working guy, throwing a party or attending one is only possible in some weekends but still, even if you are a good DJ, it’s just not possible for some one to carry everywhere his complete turntables and other wires stuffs etc. –  Even though it looks killer. For those DJs, here is “Urban DJ” which might look like an 80’s golden plated cassette but this one, is a bit more than that.

Urban DJ mixer2

All the weekend DJs can call it as their favorite mixing device because this tiny cassette has it all. This genius thing allows you to explore your DJ skills to the limit using its limitless functions.

Urban DJ mixer3

You can mix and fade between any songs combinations while it comes with functions like cue left, cross fader, cue right, mix right, line out, mix left, Headphone monitor out and of course Master volume.

Urban DJ mixer4

Although I have no idea about how DJs do all that stuff except of the turntable, I bet the DJs out their must have seen it and it wouldn’t have had let your expectations down.

Urban DJ mixer5

A 3.5mm jack cable has also been provided with it. Not only one but up to two iPods/iPhones/MP3 players on both the sides can be attached to this gizmo for song selection.

Urban DJ mixer1

I feel it’s a perfect device for small time party buffs and just like its size, it comes with a price tag of £24.99.

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