Compact Motorized Tie Rack Could be Your Perfect Choice for a Gift

Available for just $39.99icon, this remarkably compact motorized tie rack would help you choose your favorite tie at the press of a button. You won’t face any hassles in selecting your favorite ties manually from an unorganized cupboard and taking out crushed ties for a function. motorized-tie-rack

What makes this clutter-free and revolving motorized tie rack exceptional, is its beauty of keeping 60 ties and around 8 belts. The beauty of this motorized tie rack is it can easily be clipped to any rod near you. The rack offers a lustrous cylindrical design, and contains more than sixty flaps so that you can place your ties easily. The rack helps you systematize each and every tie as it takes only 4 inches of closet space. With the assistance of its front-side light you can easily choose the tie you are looking, even if it is dark. As soon as you push a button, the light in it switches and cylinder helps in moving the ties around in a circle so that you can easily make your selection easily.

Apart from ties, this motorized rack can also place belts easily, as it contains clips which are used as a special attachment. It helps in keeping all the belts organized and ready to collect  just by pushing the button on it. All in all, eight belts can easily be accommodated.  It has a simple installation and clips can be installed without any hassles onto the closet rod, no other tools are required. The motorized rack helps in freeing up the drawer space. This rack could be the perfect choice to be presented as a gift to your father or colleague and ladies can present this gift to their husbands.

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