Control Your Enemy Skillfully with Cyborg V.5 Keyboard

There are many keyboards available on the shelves, but there are hardly a few of them which are able to get their requisite allure. Recently, on hearing about the arrival of Cyborg V.5 Keyboard, my curiosity picked up in an effort to know what is so special about this keyboard. Cyborg-V.5-Keyboard

I couldn’t hold my temptation.  As soon as it reached my home, I appreciated its sealed pack inside a thick and strong cardboard. The box contained different images of the keyboard showing up gloriously.  What I noticed, the keyboard has a feature pertaining to illumination. My curiosity was now at its zenith. I tried to know what is so special about this keyboard.  Upon opening, I found the Cyborg V.5 keyboard smaller in size when compared with other normal keyboards.  This is good as you would get more space on your table or where you keep your desktop computer. You can easily accommodate other things around.  Moreover, because of the small size, you can take this keyboard along while traveling and be assured it won’t break.

What I liked most about this keyboard is its black design with illuminated keyboard buttons. So it’s a treat for people who work during the night with lights off. Its laser etched keys would ensure that you get the perfect night vision during the night. The red backlight put a sort of charm with the black colored keyboard.  So gamers would have an edge over other people just surfing the net.  They would get a sort of gamer’s atmosphere with illumination all around.  Lights can be easily controlled with three different light modes, from the top right side.

Besides the lighting button, you can find normal audio control button to control volume or mute it. On top of the keyboard, users would find three lights, pertaining to simple Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and Num Lock modes. Below them stand buttons of F1, F2 to F12 buttons.  There is also a facility for adding the wrist stand, which comes with the keyboard. This is yet another advantage for the gamers to rest their wrist while combating on board. The keyboard area is anti-ghosting. The keyboard is compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, XP64, and Vista…and runs for only $59.99. Other par excellence products need mention here include Virtual Laser Computer Keyboard and Super Tiny MIDI Keyboard.

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