Cookie Coasters for Some Table Fun

Cookies and coasters; both have a nice alliterative ring to it but are as different as chalk and cheese. Cookies are a lip-smacking treat and have a warm and fuzzy feeling to them. Probably because our mothers baked them with a lot of love and fed it to us over a glass of nice, cold milk. Nothing signifies a mother’s love more than a batch of oven baked chocolate cookies.

Coasters, on the other hand, are the unsung heroes of home décor. Or to be more specific, table décor. Coasters perform a very important role of protecting the top of the table from cup or glass stains. A reason why coasters are found in every household is because they are very easy to use. Just slide the round or square shaped coaster below the glass or cup and the table is protected from the harmful condensation that drips from the drink.

Cookies may be very different things but when they come together, it makes for a very interesting combination. Meninos, a popular online store, has released a set of coasters that look like chocolate cookies from our fun filled childhood. The design aesthetic of the set of Cookie Coasters is a rather delectable one.

The Cookie Coasters are made from a high-grade rubber synthetic that ensures durability. The material is highly flexible and can be washed many times over without the coasters losing its color or sheen. The dimensions of the coasters are approximately 3.4″ x 3.2″.

Now comes the delectable part. The coasters have a deep brown texture reminiscent of sumptuous chocolate cookies that most of us would have had as kids. On the rubberized surface of the coaster are circular grooves and linear articulations, the same you would find on the top of a cookie. The center of each coaster has the word ‘cookie’ inscribed on it with miniature mint leaves surrounding it.

Cookies without milk may seem a tad incomplete. Cookie Coasters take care of this with a white milk-like border around the deep brown cookies. The effect resembles cookies splashing in pure white milk.

One reason why coasters go largely unnoticed is because of its drab design. With Cookie Coasters, the user can add a dash of cookilicious fun to their table décor. If nothing else, the coaster would make you the coolest uncle or aunt for visiting kids.

You can check out the Cookie Coasters at where it is available at $19.99.

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