Cool R/C Controlled Car With A Realistic Steering Wheel Remote

As a child I always enjoyed playing with my R/C controlled cars and imagined that someday I would end up behind steering wheel as well, well for some lucky kids out there this would no longer remain a dream, as they can now safely hold the steering wheel in their hands with the cool New R/C car with a Steering Wheel Remote.RC steering contorlThe best part about this toy is the high amount of practicality that has been incorporatedĀ  into the making of the whole steering control, to start with, you turn on your car just like any real one, you turn the ignition key which is mounted on the steering base, the remote control also includes a gear stick which puts the car into different speed levels, you also have a brake placed under your left thumb and a horn on the right! you turn using the steering wheel and interactive controls on the panel help you to turn on the headlights and turn indicators.

All in all this is more than a toy, it could rather be termed as an educational tool for future driving lessons, and also help in giving the child good control skills, and selling for just $39.95, this is by far theĀ  best driving training you could give to your child, still you can also have a look at some of the other R/C controlled stuff like the Bumble Bee Transformer R/C car or the super cool Parrot A.R Drone, the futuristic toy helicopter.

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