Cool Transformers Chain Wallet For Fanatics

Transformers fans can’t ask for more. With the movie merchandise market already overflowing with Transformers stuff, we come across yet another item for the crazy Transformers aficionados. Presenting the Transformers chain wallet, an accessory any guy would find cool to carry around.Autobots

For the supporters of good and the just, we have got the Autobots chain wallet, which has the Autobots logo in red on the front atop a decal of the same in white highlighted by the jet black background, making this the ultimate and cool partner to have. For those who feel that being bad at heart is not that bad after all, and considering evil as the new cool, then we have got for them the Decepticons chain wallet. Just like the Autobots wallet, the Decepticons wallet has the Decepticon logo in purple featured in black background with white decal underneath. Both the wallets have the standard cardholders and a clear space for an ID card. Both, the Autobots and the Decepticons wallets are up for grabs and come with a price tag of $18 each, which I guess is quite reasonable.


Transformers has become a sort of a brand name of late. With merchandise like fridge magnets and some cool gadgets available under the banner of the Transformers, anyone would think so, what say you?

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