Cool Wrist Watch with Bottle Opener for Guys

When it comes to cool wrist watches for men, our never ending archive can provide you with tons of options to choose from. And to this already huge library, I would like to welcome yet another entity. Presenting a cool new wrist watch for men, with a bottle opener.

Cool Wrist Watch For Guys With Bottle Opener

The transition from the boring office hours to party time has never been cooler than this, what say? Well, a chick magnet tuxedo guy like James Bond opened doors to secret passage with his watch but, you can be much cooler and open up cooler things with yours, say, beer bottles for example. All you need to do is get in the mood and pull up your sleeve and let the sleek and sexy black watch with its patented bottle opener buckle do the rest of the job for you.

The cool watch in black featuring stainless steel back, an adjustable black belt, and working on principle of Japanese quartz movement is up for grabs and comes with a price tag of about $60 Watch fanatics should also check out some other cool watches that may suite their taste, the likes of which include the Classical Wooden Watches, which take you to a time unexplored and The Word Watch, which is one of the most unique gadgets that you will ever get your sights on.

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