Cradle Your Cellphone in this Cellphone Handset

No matter how you use and what you do with your cellphone, may you be calling or texting all the time, the point is that your cellphone is one true companion. It is time to give your palm a good rest with the newly launched Cellphone handset. cellphone-handset

Irrespective of any cellphone you possess, may it be an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android device, they would look just gorgeous on this cool handset. Apart from providing your palm a bit of rest, the Cellphone handset would undeniably become a new attraction in your living room, where anyone can see the cellphone exhibited on a cement-made paperweight of 2.3 pounds.

The Cellphone handset’s soft resin hand has the capability to cradle any type of cellphone with its own unique style. With a mere look at this Cellphone handset, anyone entering your living room would start wondering what a marvelous piece of device you have bought.  The handset looks real, and looks as if someone is really holding the cellphone, with forefingers over it as if it’s texting. You can offer this awesome Cellphone handset as a gift to your loved ones who have a penchant for texting or calling.


I am aware that your palm hardly get time to rest when you are over your cellphone, but as soon as you feel tired you can cradle your cellphone in this elegant Cellphone handset that runs for only $14.99.  It would take pains bearing the small weight of your favorite cellphone wholeheartedly. Your cellphone in this stand would remain elevated and tilted for finest reading. As soon as you want to lift your cellphone out of the elegant Cellphone handset, it would be a good idea to stick a paperback book in it. You can even read chapters of your favorite books as the stand holds it. You can also stick your iPad in it. But in reality this Cellphone handset is especially made for your cellphone, so why not give your palm a bit of rest so that the handset can cradle it for a while. Other geeky devices you may like to go through include The Kiss super bass headphone and Cool Transformers Chain Wallet.

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