You Gotta Crank Start This Cool New R/C Controlled Car!

If you were somehow transported back to the early 80’s and you happened to buy yourself a car, you would soon realize that the regular electronic ignition in a standard car was ingeniously replaced by a far more advanced technique- The Crank Start Mechanism, just like this new R/C controlled car features!Hand Crank RC Car1The crank mechanism enabled those early engineers to eliminate the use of a battery, thus evading the serious problem of your battery crashing down; anyway the important thing here is the fact that the electronic ignition mechanism overtook the old crank one and soon everyone completely forgot about it!

This cool new R/C controlled car features an innovative crank start mechanism that runs on the unique Dyna-Power tech that powers the vehicle for 3 minutes on a full charge. This cool Nano-Racer works without any batteries surviving solely on the charge provided by the crank start. You get 2 interchangeable car bodies- one red and one yellow, you also get a charger controller that you can use first charge and then control you mini racer.Hand Crank RC Car2

Selling for $29.95, this could wind up as a great Christmas present for the kids or the Young Adults, you can also check out the R/C controlled car with a realistic Steering Wheel Controller or the Halo R/C Vehicles collection.

Via: GeekAlerts

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