On the Road Again: 5 Weird Transportation Methods

When it comes to traveling out on the open road, sometimes you want to show off your own unique blend of geekiness and style. To do that, any old car or motorcycle simply will not due. Instead you want something that looks powerful, unusual, and perhaps somewhere along the lines of environmentally friendly. Not everyone may like it, but that doesn’t matter! Here are a number of interesting ways to get around town using unusual methods of transportation.

Motorized Monocycle

When I first looked over this Motorized Monocycle, I was a bit perplexed. To me, it looks very similar to those hovering discs the henchmen used in the movie “The Incredibles” to chase down Dash. Take one of those, turn it on its side, and you have something that looks very much akin to this Monocycle, minus the razor sharp blades anyway. The monocycle is powered by a four stroke 1 1/2hp engine, so you’ll be going fairly slow, but with enough power to carry riders of up to 275 lbs. It can function for up to two hours on a 1/2 gallon of gasoline, so the mileage is solid as well. You would need to keep this little guy to residential neighborhoods, though, considering that it is not street legal. That doesn’t make it look any less fun!

Trike Roadster

A three wheeled vehicle may remind you of that big wheel you had as a kid, but you can break out of the nostalgia and feast your eyes on this impressive piece of engineering. The Shelby Cobra took the cake in the world of Roadsters, but it is out of the financial grasp of the average consumer. This Trike Roadster model is designed to  be a low cost concept that gives you all of the benefits the roadster experience has to offer without the drawback of annihilating your bank account.

Electric E-Trike Chopper

Remember when I said that many of us out there in the geeky community like to be friendly to the environment? This little electric e

trike chopper fits that niche perfectly. Stylish and rugged, this three wheeled bike is designed to look like a  conventional chopper, although I doubt any biker gangs will be picking it up in the near future. It is constructed from a carbon steel frame and tops out on the road at 45 miles per hour. The Mar Electric motor that is on board provides 4.8 kilowatts of power, or 6.4 horsepower. Even better, the charging for the vehicles comes from a 750-watt arrangement of six solar panels. Measuring 8.4 feet long, this is one bad ass environmentally friendly piece of machinery.

Stretch Vespa

We don’t generally associate the famous Vespa brand with the ability to transport multiple passengers, but it is a niche that the scooter maker has endeavored to fill. This stretch Vespa model can carry up to 4 passengers in a manner they are almost certainly not accustomed to traveling. You are going to need a lot of helmets for this one of a model. I really do mean one of a kind here, considering that Vespa only made the stretch as a promotional piece. If enough consumers rally around the model, however, I am sure they would be happy to begin manufacturing them on a wider scale.

Hima Snowmobile

I guess we can’t all live in temperate locales where snow is a few months out of the year. For those in much chillier climates, just a car may not be enough for transportation. If you are in the market for a snowmobile, but don’t feel like your needs are being met, consider this concept as hope for the future. The idea here is taking  your average snowmobile and making it more aerodynamic. The speedier design would allow for more control even at higher velocities. In essence, the Hima is designed to be the speedboat of the snowmobile world. Sleek, powerful, and with a style that is all its own, this concept has a lot of potential, assuming there would be enough demand out there to manufacture the vehicle and take it off of the design desk and into reality. If I ever move to Alaska, I will definitely look into picking up one of these bad boys.

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