Create the Perfect Cocktail with this Apple app for iPhones

With Apple apps, you can just do about anything. Nothing seems impossible anymore, as far as lifestyle choices are concerned. You have apps for fun and entertainment, for music,  for keeping track of your fitness routine, and many more.Today, we have another amazing Apple app that allows you to become the coolest bartender your friends will ever know. App designer, Diageo, has fashioned a bartending app called ‘’ that provides perfect mixing recipes. With this bartending app, your cocktails will be the toast of the town.

As with any Apple app, the bartending app has a gorgeous interface that will make you want to rub your hands all over it. The top menu is neatly divided into two segments. One features drink recipes based on drink type, spirit, flavor, etc. The other features common cocktail recipes such as manhattans and margaritas if you are in the mood to fix a quick cocktail.

The top menu also features a fun cocktail shaker that will all throw up a random recipe. You could use this function to surprise yourself, or even your friends. The cocktail shaker can also be used to perfect your shaking ‘moves’.  The top menu is doled out in beautiful, color images of various cocktails with a melting ice background in grey. offers more than just a perfect cocktail recipe. It includes other nightlife related features such as a search bar that allows you to search for the nearest nightspots, sports bars, and restaurants. If you are looking out for the latest offers from brands such as Baileys’®, Captain Morgan®, Guinness®, Johnnie Walker®, or Smirnoff®, the bartending provides that information too. It is a one-stop app for all your clubbing and partying requirements.

Imagine your friends are coming over to your place for a party. You want them to have the coolest party they have ever been to. With, it is as easy as 1,2,3. First, get the perfect recipe for a cocktail on the app. Next, get information on where you can find all the ingredients required for your cocktail using the search function on the bartending app. The free app can also help you learn about great food pairings for your cocktail. In three easy steps, you can plan for the perfect party. is free to download, but the user needs to be of drinking age to download and use it. You can check out the cool bartending app at

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