Creative Puzzle Shaped Laptop Stand For Your Mac

Mac alone is considered as a stylish laptop, so combing it with a creative laptop-stand is just asked for.

Laptop stand can be very useful if you spend a lot of hours working on your computer, it holds the laptop properly so it’s in the right height and functions as a docking stations to store all of your mess and tech around the laptop. The guys over at Greentunadesign created this clever design to fit perfectly to your mac and it’s keyboard. It stores it in a very chic and functional way. You can buy this puzzle stand for around $90, and it seems to me that it’s money well spent!Puzzle Shaped Laptop Stand Mac 1Puzzle Shaped Laptop Stand Mac

The puzzle shaped stand does not just look great it’s also efficient when it comes to storing the stand while not using it, making it small scale that doesn’t take a lot of space. The stand provides an ergonomic working posture while keeping your laptop cooler.

Puzzle Shaped Laptop Stand Mac 3

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