Cthulhu Plush Gloves Give You Rather Cute Demonic Hands

Anyone and everyone who has ever read H.P. Lovecraft’s novels would have some point in his/her life wanted to be as monstrous and strong as Chtulhu is. With these Chtulhu gloves you won’t be getting the monster’s powers and strength, but a cute and plush feel is surely guaranteed.

Cthulhu Plush Gloves Give You Rather Cute Demonic Hands

The gloves in monstrous green are ditto copies of Chtulhu, as one would expect it be, but, with a plush edge and a cutie-pie factor to it. The wrongly grown nails, the scaly top, and other such features make the gloves look kinda outta this world and cool. Although some astrological conditions prohibit you to wear gloves, I don’t think and I don’t even expect you to think that wearing these gloves will help you in anyway to worsen that particular condition.

All in all, a good collectible, and I would have surely gone for it. Also, the $25 price tag that follows the item isn’t such a hole burner for your pockets, right? And if you liked this stuff, I am pretty sure that you would also like the Jedi bathrobe dressing gown.

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