Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse Takes Customization to a New Level

I have seen some unusual mouse designs in my day, but this Cyborg R.A.T. may take the cake. Seriously, this mouse looks more like a power tool than some kind of PC peripheral device. Still, this mouse promises to revolutionize the way you game with a fully customizable and adjustable approach. A few screws here, a couple tweaks there, and you  ill have the perfectly fitted mouse for your gaming experience. That is the theory, anyway.

You can move around or adjust just about every aspect of the R.A.T. 7 mouse, including an adjustable thumb rest, adjustable length and width, and so on. This helps if you are one of the gamers that “palms” the mouse or if you grab it more like a claw. Either way, you can fit it to suit your needs. Admittedly, on the surface, the R.A.T. looks a bit unwieldy, but I was lucky enough to catch one of these at my local computer hardware store and give it a shot. It seems odd at first, but after making some adjustments I have to admit I would consider buying one. The price tag is still a little off-putting. Generally I expect to pay $30-$50 USD for a decent mouse, but the R.A.T. 7 clocks in at $99.99. It better last forever if the price is that steep.

If you are long time reader here at Gadgethim, you have probably seen some other unusual mouse designs featured here as well. If you an environmentally aware type, you might get a kick out of this mouse that has the surface covered entirely with grass, although that might be taking the concept a little too far. Alternatively, you can go with something a little more practical like this Call of Duty Modern Warfare Sniper mouse. Happy hunting, soldiers of fortune.

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