Dart Coat Hooks Are Perfect For The Geek Pub!

Dart and Pool are the most basic form of entertainment at any pub you might come across, and if you are trying to open a geeky version of your own then you might like to consider installing few of these in your dream Geek Pub. The Dart Coat Hooks are the perfect accessories that will not only enhance the popularity of your place but also serve as coat hangers at the same time, being cool and useful is what makes them so geeky.Dart Coat Hooks1

These Dart Coat Hooks are all made from stainless steel and instead of the pointy sharp tip they have replaced it with a screw that allows easy installation into walls, also as an extra attachment it comes with a Rawl Plug for use on plaster as well. These sturdy looking hooks sell in sets of three for $32.00 which I believe to be a pretty decent bargain.

Dart Coat Hooks2

You can also have a look at the other cool stuff that are listed on our site like the G182 Root Vacuum Cleaner that will assist you in keeping your Geek Paradise neat and spotless or the Multi-Function Coffee Table that doubles up as a workstation for the partying geeks.Dart Coat Hooks3

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    Ok. This is the coolest thing ever. Geeks love stuff like this. I’m totally going to be “remodeling” my closet with these asap!

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