Darth Vader and R2D2 USB Hubs

Every geek loves Star Wars and its amazing stories, and even better are some cool USB Hubs and gadgets of your favorite characters to help you when you are by your computer.

star wars darth vaders usb hub

The Darth Vader USB Hub and R2D2 Hub are cool ways for Star Wars geeks to stay pratical and organized when by their computer.

Darth Vader is looking as evil as always but cannot necessarily harm you or your computer. In all actuality, he assist your USB gadgets by providing 4 ports for you to plug them in. Also, it is powered by plugging into the computer USB port, so no external power is required. The best part is when you plug new gadgets in, for his eyes begin to glow, his head turns and Darth Vader even speaks.

The R2D2 USB Hub is the same for a power supply and number of USB ports, but it is a little cuter with Chirps, squeals and beeps when plugging in new USB devices. Moreover, with its articulated legs, it can either stand up straight or recline for a different mood.

The Darth Vader Hub runs for $49.99 while the R2D2 is only $39.99. Whichever is your favorite, it could just add more geekiness to your Star Wars room.

star wars r2d2 usb hub

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