Cute Cut Out Tributes To Those Desktop Legends

The world of  the desktop computer is supposedly evolving faster than the speed of light and with new designs popping up by the hour, so it is good see that someone has taken time to step back and pay homage to those early computers that have shaped the modern world. And even if it is just in the form of cardboard cutouts; a small gesture goes a long way.

Cutouts of oldschool computers 3

Cutouts of oldschool computers 2

These cutouts by Newblack are manufactured by hello computer and as of now have an array of  five models including and old Apple and the EX Spectrum. The cutouts are neatly colored and come with instructions about the assembly. These cute cutouts would make a perfect for that computer nerd or they could make the perfect desktop curio.Cutouts of oldschool computers 1

Though they may just look like cut desktop curios in comparison to the cool looking Apple G4 case mod but these cutouts do remind one the importance these old timers played in molding todays office space; so whether it is a gift for your nerdy friend or something for your own personal collection they are sure worth the money.

computer cutout mods 5

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